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Here are a few frequently asked questions thatI often come across. You may find them useful.

Every session is conducted in English. However, for a better clarity and understanding, there are also repetitions of some part of the sessions in Hindi as well.

Booking a class at Quants Grow is as easy as anything. All you need to do is sign up for one of our bi-monthly webinars and attend the event. Once completed, you can also explore the rest of our site to find more information about the dedicated courses that we have for every topic you need.

Quants Grow is a flexible learning platform. This means that you can not only attend the live sessions that we have from time to time, but you can also browse the entire catalogue of our classes in the form of recorded sessions as well.

Every program has a different duration and time assigned to it. If you want to know more about the timings, you can explore our courses and find the most suitable programs with relevant details for yourself.

Yes, first the strategy is created and automated on QuantsGrow. The automated strategy is then executed by your broker firm that is connected to Quants Grow via an API.

Globally, 75% of trades are now happening via algo trading and in USA, it stands at 80%. Whereas in India, it is now at 35% leaving an immense scope for quick adoption.